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The Seahawks fans know a Mama’s Boy when they see one. And they saw one in their brilliant, controversial, off-the-charts talented cornerback, Richard Sherman, whose mother had the nurturing to nagging ratio that fans recognized as Chunky spokesmom material. So the fans started a campaign to make Mama Sherman the next one.

We heard them. We jumped up and down ecstatically. We responded.

Not only did we bring Richard and his mom into our time-honored fold, but we decided to honor the fans that made it happen. The content we created for the Shermans co-starred actual, recognizable, rabid 12th Man members.

We enriched the story with playful shorts animated by the very cool J. Sedelmaier.

This sculpture made from cans and labels of Chunky Soup, and capturing Sherman's historic play that led Seattle to the Super Bowl, greeted Seahawk fans at CenturyLink Field. Also pictured, Mama Sherman with Mr. and Mrs. Seahawk.

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