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Finn & Friends

Running on dirt cheap children's TV, Finn & Friends is the ongoing adventure of a group of Goldfish characters living under the bed of a ten-year old boy. I have been the voice of Finn & Friends for the last four seasons, writing 40 eagerly anticipated, discussed and memorized episodes, turning crackers into a Pixar-quality 3D entertainment property and essentially printing money for Pepperidge Farm.

Season 4: The Search for Gilbert

A 10-part serialized story in which Finn & Friends leave the security of their under-the-bed world to rescue Gilbert after he gets sucked into a vacuume cleaner.

Season 7: Dreams

Season 5: Talent Show

In this 12-part serialized story the gang under the bed mount a talent show. Kids are encouraged to go online and vote for their favorite act.


Season 6: The Great Outdoors

Finn & Friends launch themselves out the window into the backyard. Each episode has real-time choices to make as the story progresses. Clicking every single button, which kids certainly did, produces 2,834,352 unique stories (professional mathematician verified. )The top kid-empowering choices become the next TV installment. As demonstrated below.

Season 7: Dreams

Five 2-part episodes in which part one ends on a different character starting to dream. Kids are invited to download a free game app inspired by that character's dream. Unlocking the first level of the game gives players a preview of the dream before it hits the air.

Brooke's Dream, part 1

Xtreme's Dream, Part 1

Brooke's Dream, part 2

Xtreme's Dream, Part 2

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